METRIC Liquidity Mining Guide

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3 min readNov 16, 2021


Enjoy over 7000% APY staking your METRIC-USDC SpiritSwap LP tokens on Fantom by following the simple instructions in this guide. You will need METRIC tokens and an equivalent value of USDC tokens, plus a small amount of FTM tokens for use as gas. Fantom Opera uses the EVM so if you are familiar with liquidity provision on Ethereum Mainnet then you should find it a simple process. We will be using MetaMask wallet on Chrome browser for these instructions .

1. Bridge METRIC tokens from Ethereum network to Fantom network.


Select Ethereum to Fantom bridge, and METRIC token from the drop down menu. Enter the quantity of tokens you wish to bridge, click ‘Bridge Token’ then follow the instructions in your MetaMask plugin prompt.

2. Visit Metric.Exchange and select Fantom network.

Click on the wallet icon on the top right of your screen then select ‘Fantom Chain’ from the drop-down menu.

3. Allow Metamask to switch network to Fantom Opera.

Double check network ID details if you have never used Fantom before. These should read as follows:

4. Add liquidity to SpiritSwap

You may need to purchase USDC on Fantom, or bridge USDC from Ethereum if you do not have any assets on the Fantom Chain. Click on the ‘Add Liquidity’ button on the Metric.Exchange staking pane and it will direct you to the SpiritSwap liquidity provision page.

On the SpiritSwap liquidity provider page you can add equal values of USDC and METRIC tokens, click the ‘Supply’ button then follow the instructions in the MetaMask plugin prompt.

5. Stake your SPIRIT-LP tokens.

Once you have added your METRIC & USDC tokens to the liquidity pool you will receive SPIRIT-LP tokens into your wallet. Return to Metric.Exchange and stake your SPIRIT-LP tokens by clicking the ‘MAX’ button then the ‘enter’ button, then following the instructions on the MetaMask prompt.

You will receive xSPIRIT-LP tokens in return which are interest bearing tokens currently earning over 7000% APY paid out in METRIC & USDC on redemption.

6. Leaving the liquidity pool

Follow the above instructions in reverse order to leave the pool. Unstake your xSPIRIT-LP tokens to receive a proportionally larger number of SPIRIT-LP tokens. Then revisit the SpiritSwap liquidity provider page to remove your liquidity from the pool and receive your METRIC and USDC tokens back into your wallet.

7. Useful Resources

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