METRIC Liquidity Mining Guide

1. Bridge METRIC tokens from Ethereum network to Fantom network.


2. Visit Metric.Exchange and select Fantom network.

3. Allow Metamask to switch network to Fantom Opera.

Double check network ID details if you have never used Fantom before. These should read as follows:

4. Add liquidity to SpiritSwap

You may need to purchase USDC on Fantom, or bridge USDC from Ethereum if you do not have any assets on the Fantom Chain. Click on the ‘Add Liquidity’ button on the Metric.Exchange staking pane and it will direct you to the SpiritSwap liquidity provision page.

5. Stake your SPIRIT-LP tokens.

Once you have added your METRIC & USDC tokens to the liquidity pool you will receive SPIRIT-LP tokens into your wallet. Return to Metric.Exchange and stake your SPIRIT-LP tokens by clicking the ‘MAX’ button then the ‘enter’ button, then following the instructions on the MetaMask prompt.

6. Leaving the liquidity pool

Follow the above instructions in reverse order to leave the pool. Unstake your xSPIRIT-LP tokens to receive a proportionally larger number of SPIRIT-LP tokens. Then revisit the SpiritSwap liquidity provider page to remove your liquidity from the pool and receive your METRIC and USDC tokens back into your wallet.

7. Useful Resources

Set up MetaMask on Fantom



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