BUILD Finance Treasury Update — October 2021

BUILD Treasury Update:

  • New Treasury Address: 10 DAI; 5,849 BUILD; 130,209 METRIC ($944,557 equiv.)
  • Balancer Pool (3 Asset): 101,162 DAI; 6,617 BUILD; 15,404 METRIC ($303,486 equiv.)
  • Balancer Pool (5 Asset): 58,756 DAI; 4,019 BUILD; 9,439 METRIC; 95,987 BCRED; 272,457 UPDOWN ($293,780 equiv.)
  • Multisig Wallet: 26,273DAI; 530 METRIC; 10,702 BCRED ($36,306)
  • Old Treasury Address: 80 BAL; 98,890 UPDOWN, 140 DAI, 5 BUILD ($23,286 equiv.)
  • Fee Collection Address: 1500 DAI; 6 BUILD ($1,590 equiv.)
  • Unclaimed Balancer Rewards: 407 BAL ($8,884 equiv.)

METRIC Treasury Update:





Decentralized venture builder

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BUILD Finance

BUILD Finance

Decentralized venture builder

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