BUILD DAO Open Call for Developers

BUILD Finance
2 min readDec 18, 2020


BUILD, a decentralized venture builder DAO, is calling for developers to join us.

Give to Receive

Release a DeFi product under the DAO, mint yourself your own project tokens, give some of them to the DAO. We’ll give you back $BUILD tokens in return, thus making you an incentivized stakeholder in the BUILD ecosystem, who benefits from the success of the DAO and each of the DAO’s products.

The terms are flexible — feel free to propose any deal you want. Subject to negotiation are:

Benefits of Releasing under BUILD DAO

Why release a product under BUILD instead of doing it on your own?

You’ll get access to the existing community of over 1,500 members, development support from other BUILD members, and possible funding for marketing, audits, gas, and other expenses.

Additionally, as you’ll be receiving $BUILD in return for your work under the DAO, you’re not giving anything away for free. It’s a fair collaboration.

Example Project

For example, you may decide to create a fork of Opyn, but for newer and more degen-friendly tokens. Instead of starting your own community from scratch, you come to BUILD, get assistance with the development and product design (assuming you are a developer as well). You’ll mint yourself 20% of your project tokens, give 10% to the DAO, and distribute the rest with farming incentives. Plus you’ll get some BUILD tokens.

We’ll release the product together under the BUILD brand and now you own not only your project tokens but also a part of the DAO. You haven’t lost anything, but gained a strong and growing community.

Alternatively, you can jump on one of the existing projects from the BUILD Finance’s product suite. We also run misc small incentive jobs and bounties.

How to Participate

While this program is mainly aimed at developers, we are on the lookout for skilled operations talent as well.

Jump on our Discord to discuss your ideas, ask questions, and get a better feel for the community:

For more information, please follow us on: