BEP-21 is a major upgrade to the existing DAO infrastructure and sets out monetary policy for 2022. The proposal comprises of three parts relating to BUILD DAO treasury and governance restructuring, BUILD token target inflation and future BUILD DAO treasury allocation.


- The DAO treasury and governance structure will be…

Enjoy over 7000% APY staking your METRIC-USDC SpiritSwap LP tokens on Fantom by following the simple instructions in this guide. You will need METRIC tokens and an equivalent value of USDC tokens, plus a small amount of FTM tokens for use as gas. Fantom Opera uses the EVM so if…

Join us for a root-and-branch review of the BUILD ecosystem with an emphasis on short term action and medium term strategy.

Welcome to the autumn review of the BUILD Finance ecosystem. In this strategic review we hope to take a critical look at the various elements of the DAO and…

BUILD Finance

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