HYPE PROTOCOL Adds Five New Pairs

Note: if you are unfamiliar with Hype Protocol, please read how it works in detail here.

BUILD Finance, a decentralized venture builder, is happy to announce that following the first stage of perpetual farming on the Hype Protocol, the community has executed a proposal to add five new pairs to the platform. For the first time, HYPE will be hosting external projects.

Following the launch of HYPE on Halloween 2020 where the BUILD community first tested the Liquidity Locking Protocol, $BUILD and $METRIC pools were seeded with bootstrapping incentives over a 7-day period each. …

Metric dex just shipped a new version which allows you to trade any 2 tokens wallet-to-wallet using a 0x relayer network.

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Large Uniswap fills without slippage

Say you want to buy $100k worth of ZLOT at its current Uniswap price ($450). If you just go to Uniswap and submit a 100k DAI order, you’ll get a slippage of 17.29% and end up paying 542 DAI / ZLOT.

You could also go to some of our competing dexes but many of them require you to put a single all-or-nothing order which either gets filled fully or doesn’t at all.

With Metric, you can simply paste ZLOT address as a custom token, and submit a gas-free buy limit order at 450 DAI/ZLOT at ZLOT/DAI market. …

Perpetual Farming with Liquidity Locks & Taxes

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What Is HYPE?

New DeFi projects often struggle to attract liquidity, resorting to inflating the token supply and overpaying rewards to incentivize liquidity pools (also known as “pool 2’s”). These liquidity mining schemes often only attract temporary liquidity providers which lead to price pumps and dumps when they enter and subsequently leave, hurting other stakeholders without growing liquidity that lasts. HYPE aims to help solve this dilemma.

Hype is a liquidity locking protocol, made by BuildDAO, which creates and maintains liquidity for new ERC20 currency pairs on decentralized exchanges. …

This article tries to summarize the results of the HYPE tax and its effects on the revenue of BUILD DAO.

This analysis excludes the outliers generated by the launch which are unlikely to occur under normal everyday conditions.

NOTE: Hype Protocol is a modular system meant to evolve over time and all claims here are valid only at the time of writing.

There may be inaccuracies in this article. Please do your own research and don’t take anything here as financial advice.


HYPE tax recipients

As explained in the HYPE docs, the tax is used for multiple purposes. …

Welcome to the inaugural “Builder’s Update,” which is a newsletter covering the BUILD Finance ecosystem.

For those who are just discovering us for the first time, BUILD Finance is a decentralized and autonomous venture builder, wholly-owned and controlled by its community. The work we do revolves around five core activities: identifying business ideas, building teams, finding capital, helping govern or manage different ventures, and providing shared services.

The organizing principle for our work together is a “beehive” model where everyone is an equal contributor. …

New projects struggle to attract enough liquidity and are forced to resort to the inflation of their token to support incentivized pools. HYPE aims to help with that.


How HYPE works?

To understand HYPE, it’s important to understand 2 things.

  1. All liquidity added to selected Uniswap pairs where HYPE is one of the tokens is locked and can only be withdrawn with a withdrawal fee. This fee is distributed to the remaining LPs in the pool to incentivize continuous staking.
  2. All HYPE transfers have a 1% transfer fee. A part of this fee is “recycled” back into the system and used as a farming incentive. The other part is put into the BUILD DAO treasury. …


  • We have 200k DAI in the treasury now for product development.
  • METRIC exchange is open-source now and anyone can help.
  • We have a public TODO list. Feel free to help.
  • We’ve introduced a “BUILDer” role in Discord to show who is helping the project. Anyone can become a BUILDer.
  • Update on product development.

BUILD treasury

We’ve sold 5k of BUILD from the dev fund (still have 10k remaining) for ~200k of DAI. This will be used to fund further product development and to expand our revenue sources.

Metric is open-source

Metric exchange has been open-sourced. You can follow our progress and see what’s in the pipeline here: https://github.com/build-finance/metric-frontend/issues. …

Today, we’re excited to launch the first truly community-owned dex aggregator. The team hasn’t taken a single sat of VC funding. There are no admin keys & no pre-sale.

As a dex aggregator, Metric gives you the best possible rate for every swap by routing your order via multiple decentralized exchanges. This results in a much lower slippage and gives you a better result for your swap. For example, when you want to make a large swap of ETH to USDC, a part of your swap may be filled by Uniswap, another by Mooniswap, and another by Sushiswap. …

Our initial week-long liquidity mining program during we’ve distributed 100% of all BUILD tokens have concluded. Now it’s time to start building.

👨‍👩‍👧 100% Community Owned Venture Builder

We introduced the concept of BUILD Finance in our last post, describing the framework for building a decentralized community-owned venture builder. Our goal is to systematically keep building new DeFi products, developed and supported by members of the BUILD community.

BUILD is NOT a venture fund, an incubator, YC or accelerator. It’s a community governed platform designed to develop and fully own DeFi products.

BUILD aims to have multiple teams, composed of community members, working on multiple products. Anyone can join the community. …

Today, we’re introducing a new token called bCRED which will help us build the future of DeFi.

What is bCRED?

bCRED is a token that allows us to reward members for work before we start generating revenue.

Since BUILD Finance doesn’t have any products or revenue yet, we are not able to pay for work with hard cash at the moment. However, as many members of the BUILD community have already started helping with various tasks, it became obvious that we need a way to reward this work and also to incentivize the involvement of more people much further.

bCRED is currently not backed by anything. Or doesn’t have any collateral. It’s purely a promise made by the BUILD Finance that when we start generating revenue, we’ll deposit part of that revenue into a smart contract which will accept bCRED and give back DAI 1:1. …


BUILD Finance

Decentralized venture builder https://twitter.com/finance_build

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